Monday, July 13, 2009

This is it...Birthday Week Begins!

Well, we are finally at Birthday Week.  I prefer Birthday Month, but at 3 years old the excitement would have to begin way too far in advance for the excitement to last.  There would be many fits each morning wondering why this wasn't THE DAY???  So, we are counting down from 5 (Monday).  
What is this they asked? 
"A Birthday present from Mary Dunning, that works at mommy's Quilt Shoppe", I explained.    "Ohhhhhh!  We love her, she is pretty!"  And then the wrapping paper began to fly.  Jo of course had to try it on right now and is going to wear it to Miss Joy's tomorrow  (Day4).  Oh yes, with her red Barbie Princess play high heels.  Very chic!  Photos to follow.  Thank you very much Mary, as you can see Jane wasn't exactly happy about posing for the photo shoot, but once Daddy convinced them that he would play in the fort with them it was all GO!