Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Full Moon Forrest Lives!

Imagine our surprise when walking through Quilt Market this past weekend in Houston we came upon this lovely lady "wearing" a beautiful Full Moon Forest Quilt! I told her what a beautiful quilt I thought she had and she proceeded to tell me that it was a "Tula Pink" Fabric called Full Moon Forest. When I gave her my business card she was soooooo excited...I think she thought I was Tula. I told her that no, I was not Tula but my daughter was and if they were going to sit for a minute I know Tula would love to see the quilt. I pulled out my cell, called Ms. Pink who was off eating armadillo cake and told her to beat feet to see one of the most awesome quilts I had ever seen. Well, pictures do tell a 1000 words! The ladies were excited, Tula was completely flattered and soon photos and autographs were flying. Thank you to the "Desperate Quilters Ladies" and their lovely work, we sooo enjoyed meeting all of you!