Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our First Ever Quilter of the Month!

Okay Ladies its only... December! January 1st we will present the very First "Quilter of the Month" for 2010. Each month we will select someone who we feel meets all the criteria.
What is the Criteria you ask? It would be the same Criteria that qualifies a person for their own parking block in front of the Shoppe! Gotcha! No one knows how I selected the initial names for the existing parking blocks, not even the recipient! One thing I will tell you is that is has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much money they have spent. Check here each month to see if YOU have become the Quilter of the Month! The Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate! Good Luck and Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wowie Zowie, need I say more?

Trust me on this one:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seeing Stars at STARLIGHT!

Tula is off to visit the wonderful ladies of The Starlight Quilt Guild! They will be some of the first to see (In person) her latest and greatest quilt...PLUME! Hope they like it! Maybe some other goodies as well??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Full Moon Forrest Lives!

Imagine our surprise when walking through Quilt Market this past weekend in Houston we came upon this lovely lady "wearing" a beautiful Full Moon Forest Quilt! I told her what a beautiful quilt I thought she had and she proceeded to tell me that it was a "Tula Pink" Fabric called Full Moon Forest. When I gave her my business card she was soooooo excited...I think she thought I was Tula. I told her that no, I was not Tula but my daughter was and if they were going to sit for a minute I know Tula would love to see the quilt. I pulled out my cell, called Ms. Pink who was off eating armadillo cake and told her to beat feet to see one of the most awesome quilts I had ever seen. Well, pictures do tell a 1000 words! The ladies were excited, Tula was completely flattered and soon photos and autographs were flying. Thank you to the "Desperate Quilters Ladies" and their lovely work, we sooo enjoyed meeting all of you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is it...Birthday Week Begins!

Well, we are finally at Birthday Week.  I prefer Birthday Month, but at 3 years old the excitement would have to begin way too far in advance for the excitement to last.  There would be many fits each morning wondering why this wasn't THE DAY???  So, we are counting down from 5 (Monday).  
What is this they asked? 
"A Birthday present from Mary Dunning, that works at mommy's Quilt Shoppe", I explained.    "Ohhhhhh!  We love her, she is pretty!"  And then the wrapping paper began to fly.  Jo of course had to try it on right now and is going to wear it to Miss Joy's tomorrow  (Day4).  Oh yes, with her red Barbie Princess play high heels.  Very chic!  Photos to follow.  Thank you very much Mary, as you can see Jane wasn't exactly happy about posing for the photo shoot, but once Daddy convinced them that he would play in the fort with them it was all GO!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Coons Aren't Sleeping Anymore!

The view from our front yard on Friday!  Yes, that is Larry and if you will notice Jane is sitting on his shoulders.  Jo and I are taking the photo.
After having excellent Pizza at Hilltop Stop Pizza in Stewartsville we came out to find Storm Chasers all over the parking lot watching this little bit of Tornadic weather.  
Come to find out the big activity had been Sunday night when 400+ Storm Chasers including The Weather Channel had been at the end of our lane.   It was a little intimidating for Ms. Pink as this was her first big storm.  Actually I think she was a little irritated with me, running around with my weather alert radio and in a bit of a panic.  Larry of course was upstairs sleeping with the girls.  It all blew by us however, it hit Lake Viking pretty hard.  My Sisters lake house had some pretty extensive damage to the roof and of course her flowers.  As long as its all cleaned up by the time we come for Father's Day on Sunday.  Sleep tight and Happy Quilting! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's all Polka Spots to Me!

Okay, so my mom owns a Quilt Shoppe, my biggest sister is Tula Pink and a really huge fabric designer which is why I say "that as long as its all polka spots it matches, right?"  I mean how can a girl go wrong with rubber boots on a 90 degree day, especially when both boots are right feet and they look so cute?  My mommy is so crazy to say this didn't really match so good.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Only in Stewartsville

Seriously, I have only been in Stewartsville, Mo for 9 years but I couldn't believe my eyes or my Father in Law when I spotted this sleeping coon.  I know life is really slow here, all we talk about is the weather, but what to expect next...a lounging 12 point buck?

Friday, May 22, 2009

3:30 am UGH!

We have received two new lines this week! 

SherriBerriDesigns Christmas, (Winter Wonder) and Halloween (Costume Club).  Sheri is new to the Quilting world but comes from a huge scrapbooking and finish goods business.  She is local too, Kansas!

Still working on the photos from Quilt Market.  By the time I get them up it will be time for Fall Market in Houston.  Tula is planning on having a booth, should be really fun and exciting.  We will be marketing her newest line which is still hush, hush, top secret, but well worth the wait.  New patterns to go along with the new line and quilts.  

SUPER EXCITING!  We are planning a "Sample Spree" at the Shoppe!  For every $10.00 you spend during the month of June at the Shoppe you will receive a raffle ticket.  We will then raffle off 3 of our finest "Sample Quilts".  The raffle is set for Saturday the 11th of July from 12:00 to 2:00.  You must be present to win, no exchanges or trades.  No one will know what quilts will be raffled until the day of the raffle, so don't even try to pry it out of us.   Yes, we will have refreshments etc.  Watch you email for details, even though I just gave them to you.

Seems quiet on the Twinkie front.  Back to catch a few winks??
Happy Quilting,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dry Run, here we come!

Okay, ladies I am actually going to do the "Blog" thing.  Before you know it I will be "Twittering".  
I promise if this gets too out of control I will remove myself prior to any major damage.
Love you all,
Updates from Pittsburgh Quilt Market, plus photos within hours!
Sneek Peek... Amy Butler, me and one other rock star designer in the Ladies Room!
Hope to see you in the a.m.