Monday, June 15, 2009

The Coons Aren't Sleeping Anymore!

The view from our front yard on Friday!  Yes, that is Larry and if you will notice Jane is sitting on his shoulders.  Jo and I are taking the photo.
After having excellent Pizza at Hilltop Stop Pizza in Stewartsville we came out to find Storm Chasers all over the parking lot watching this little bit of Tornadic weather.  
Come to find out the big activity had been Sunday night when 400+ Storm Chasers including The Weather Channel had been at the end of our lane.   It was a little intimidating for Ms. Pink as this was her first big storm.  Actually I think she was a little irritated with me, running around with my weather alert radio and in a bit of a panic.  Larry of course was upstairs sleeping with the girls.  It all blew by us however, it hit Lake Viking pretty hard.  My Sisters lake house had some pretty extensive damage to the roof and of course her flowers.  As long as its all cleaned up by the time we come for Father's Day on Sunday.  Sleep tight and Happy Quilting! 

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Sheri Howard said...

Hi Kathryn, it's me Sheri Howard...the ones who stumbled onto your shop in May! I heard your state was hurricane alley, I guess it is true. I can't believe that racoon on the fence...pretty funny. Fun blog!