Monday, June 1, 2009

Only in Stewartsville

Seriously, I have only been in Stewartsville, Mo for 9 years but I couldn't believe my eyes or my Father in Law when I spotted this sleeping coon.  I know life is really slow here, all we talk about is the weather, but what to expect next...a lounging 12 point buck?


MegJill said...

That picture is so adorable! Where is Stewartville anyway? I was in the Mexico, Mo. area last week, and drove up to Decatur, Ill. We drove through some SMALL towns. My family used to live in Perry, Mo. so we know what small town life was like, but we never saw such a cute racoon!

joanna said...

I feel like that coon every time after I get back from Market... so I can relate! welcome to this fun blogland reality!


CountryExpressionsQuiltShoppe said...

Stewartsville is in NW Missouri, 13 miles East of Saint Joseph. Our shoppe is right on Hwy 36, can't miss us.
Stop by anytime. We are the HOME OF TULA PINK!

1busyb said...

Kathy, I hate to be the one to say this... but are you sure that coon is still "with us"? I've seen coons do alot of crazy things, but never that! Is someone pulling yur leg!