Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Me Mr. Wizard!

Remember that great show? I don't recall the name of the actual show but if you do give us shout. Whenever the character got found himself somewhere where he did not want to be he could just say "Help me Mr. Wizard" and the Wizard would pull him out of the situation and return him to his wonderful, warm, sunny life...oh wait that's me.

This was the view from my bedroom window when I awoke the other morning and somehow all I could think of was "Help me Mr. Wizard". By the time I slid my way to daycare to drop off the Twinkies, then to the Shoppe I discovered that the front doors would not open from "the ground swelling". Now I'm not one to curse mind you but what the #$%$ is "ground swelling? I am very familiar with "Ground Shaking", "Ground Slipping" but...nope, nothin on "Ground Swelling"

In California on say "Earthquake Days" much like snow days here, we would just go to our favorite restaurant, which of course would open early for those of us that needed to calm our nerves, the girls would gather in our finest, lunch would begin and we would discuss the condition of our nearest and dearest, praying that our real estate listings had not completely crumbled to the ground, putting us all out of business! Which brings me back to "Do I Miss California?". YES, I miss the Weather and the Restaurants! That's It!
Thank God I moved to the Midwest!

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jaybird said...

that doesn't look too bad!! we had over 2 feet earlier this year... plus the tree looks really pretty!