Thursday, January 28, 2010

You just Never Know What you Will Find

When I jumped at the offer to travel to San Antonio, Texas with my husband, Larry to the National Cattlemens Conference little did I know that I would discover a totally AWESOME quilt shoppe! It wasn't in the Travelers Guide or "Quilters Bible" as we call it, I didn't see any advertising and no one had told me about this shoppe. I simply started walking down what is known as RiverWalk with my trusty iPhone and simply typed in "quilt shop". Viola! About 2 miles from my current location was Las Colchas. The blurb said "Welcome to Las Colchas, a unique quilt shop located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Tx. We are dedicated to the preservation of the art of quilting!" I was completely intrigued so I set off on foot. Not a good choice! Totally lost, but following the pinging dot on my iPhone, I finally gave up and called the shop. I was greeting by THE NICEST woman (I would totally hire her to work in our shoppe) she told me I was almost there, keep walking etc. I turned the corner and there it stood, sun shining, yes I said sun shining with the temperature about 70 degrees in all its glory. It was historic! I walked up the front steps to a charming porch draped with quilts of many eras. They were beautiful! I opened the door, the same lovely lady greeted me, asked if I would like some tea or water, I was in heaven. Then I spotted it...Tula Pink Fabric! Unbelievable! It brought tears to my eyes!
The shoppe has been in the same location for about 30 some years. It was a Sears Catalog House! The interior is all original hardwood floors, original windows and the most charming and wonderful place to spend the afternoon! Their fabrics were all beautiful, quilt shop only fabrics, Moda, Windham, Westminster etc. and Tula Pink! So impressed was I! I was introduced to the owner and I am so mad at myself because of course I have forgotten both of these wonderful ladies names :(. Those of you that know me aren't surprised! Anyway, you all MUST go there. We talked about adding Las Colchas to our next bus trip!!! A big Yeah! It was a totally wonderful morning "hike" that turned out to be fantastic. A new shop and new friends!
Now...a free yard of fabric for the first person with the correct translation of Las Colchas.


Jessica said...

Is it the quilts?

simply geometric said...

Or maybe just "quilts" since each noun needs an article?

CountryExpressionsQuiltShoppe said...

Common Girls, you are sooo close! Google has a translation app! You could also call Las Colchas!

CountryExpressionsQuiltShoppe said...

Okay, Jessica had it from the beginning:
Being from So. Cal I didn't want to mess up the Spanish.
Mui Bein, Gracias, and where are the Margaritas?
Jessica gets a free yard of fabric.

nathalievan said...

The meaning of Las Colchas is Bedspreads !

CountryExpressionsQuiltShoppe said...

Now I am confused. I have heard from my official "Spanish" translator that it means "The Quilt"
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